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PPL(H) Fernlehrgang komplett (Kurssprache Deutsch!)
PPL(H) Fernlehrgang nur Heli-spezifische Fächer (Kurssprache Deutsch!)

General subjectsHelicopter specific subjects
10 Air Law 20 Helicopter general knowledge
40 Human Performance 30 Flight planning and monitoring
50 Meteorology 70 Operational procedures
60 Navigation 80 Principle of flight
90 Communication VFR  


Costs (in CHF) excl. VAT
Complete PPL (H) course
Access to distance learning course (eLearning) incl. 24 hours of classroom instruction 1'910.00
Course material 700.00
Helicopter specific subjects PPL(H) course only
Access to distance learning course (eLearning) incl. 12 hours of classroom instruction  990.00
Course material  300.00

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