FI MOU(H): Module 2, unlimited

Upon completion of the training course, the instructor is competent to teach the theoretical knowledge and the techniques required in mountain flight. He is aware of the privileges of the rating and of the responsibilities and duties as a Mountain Flight Instructor.


Pre-entry requirements:

  • At least 1500 hours total on helicopters
  • At least 1500 helicopter landings above 1100 m, including at least 300 landings above 2700 m.
  • At least 200 flight hours as a helicopter instructor
  • Pre-course assessment with HSA-dedicated FI MOU(H) consisting of a recurrent mountain (H) proficiency check


Theoretical knowledge instruction (1 Day):

  • Refresher of the theoretical instruction module 1
  • Discussion of approach possibilities with different wind situations at DETEC sites.


Practical Training:

Thorough practice of all the practical areas covered by the training for the mountain landing certificate with special emphasis on instruction. The training consists of at least 60 approaches at minimum 25 different DETEC sites of which at least 20 must be above 2700m. Practical training focuses on the elements necessary to prepare for the flight and practice procedures for approach, landing, departure and emergency in accordance with the theory.


Flight instructors interested by this course should contact the HSA Head of Training (ht@hsa.ch) with a copy of their licence and evidence of the pre-entry requirements.



Links of Courses and Dates HSA

Please note our current training offer. 

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Each flight instructor should register for the compulsory courses independently and without further requests.



Off-Airport Landing Ordinance

The new Off-Airport Landing Ordinance is in force now.

All helicopter pilots  who wnat to land Off-Airport shall familiarize themselves with the regualtions.

Relevant documents:

  • AuLaV (Off-Airport Landing Ordinance)


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  • Chablais Heli Club
  • central heli
  • davinciair
  • fuchs helikopter
  • helilausanne
  • air-ambulance
  • partnair
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